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When it comes time to replace or repair your roof, you should start the process by getting at least one or two estimates from reputable roofing companies. For those unfamiliar with roofing terminology or who have never had to replace their roof in the past, you may find the estimate slightly confusing. Considering that roofs last at least several decades, it is very likely you have not had to deal with a roofing estimate in the past. No matter your situation, keep the following advice in mind and you should be on your way to understanding the estimate.

Feel Free To Ask Questions

You should certainly make an effort to understanding the roofing estimate yourself, but if anything on it confuses you, go ahead and ask. Good roofing companies will be willing to answer questions and explain various elements of the estimate to you in more detail. They see this as customer service that will improve your overall experience and their reviews and ratings.

Look For What Is Included

When examining your roofing estimate, be sure that you clearly understand what exactly is included in the figure. After all, if one company’s estimate just includes the roofing itself while another company also includes new gutters, their estimated costs may be dramatically different. If you aren’t sure what is included, you may end up accidentally paying more instead of saving money like you think. Pay attention to not only what services and materials are included but also the estimated time range for the project and terms of payment.

Pay Attention To Roof Materials

As part of the items included in the estimate, make sure you are clear about what materials each roofing company is using. The best estimates will specify the type of shingles, ventilation, underlayment, and flashing. Make sure that the estimate includes the materials you actually want to use and not a cheap alternative.

Confirm The Cost Breakdown

The best roofing companies will give you a detailed estimate that includes at least some breakdown of the cost. Instead of just telling you that the entire project will cost X dollars, they will say about how much the materials should cost, about what the labor should cost, and about what the cost is for permits and cleanup. This lets you make a more informed comparison between roofers so you can get a good deal on a quality, inclusive project.

Check For A Warranty

Most of the roofing estimates you come across will include mention of a warranty or guarantee for the project. If this is not included on the estimate, be sure to ask the roofing company whether they offer one, what is included, and how long it lasts. Remember that a typical manufacturer’s warranty only covers defects in the material itself and they may not cover labor. As such, some roofers offer additional guarantees.

Other Information To Know

In addition to fully understanding the estimate, be sure that you know a few other facts about the roofing company in Austin before you choose them. You should have seen proof of a contractor or roofing license, liability insurance, and workman’s compensation insurance.